PHP tag library

PHP tag library is engine that implement JSF technology in PHP. Here is example which shows how to use it. Download all files from here

Name View Code
Label First name <h:outputText value="First name"/>
Input text enter John or Bil   <h:inputText value="#{searchAction.firstName}" />
Command button <h:commandButton action="#{}"/>
Command link Szukaj <h:commandLink action="#{}">Szukaj</a>
John Smith Warsaw
John Kowalski Krakow
Bil Clinton Washington
<table border="1"> <c:repeat var="item" items="#{searchAction.items}">
<td><h:outputText value="#{item.firstName}"/></td>
<td><h:outputText value="#{item.lastName}"/></td>
<td><h:outputText value="#{}"/></td>
<td><h:commandButton action="#{searchAction.delete(}" value="delete"/></td>
Calendar <h:calendar id="cal" value="#{}" />
Modal panel
Open dialog
<h:modalPanel var="dialog" title="Title" width="300">
    <h:commandButton value="close" onClick="dialog.close();return false;" style="float:right"/>
<a href="" >Open dialog</a>

And here is php component: